In September of 2014, I set off from Penzance, with the intention of walking to Lynmouth, where I used to live, around the coast path. I ended up walking to Watchet.

I returned later to walk some more and will continue to do so.

I had recently lost two good friends, one to cancer and one in a motorcycle accident.

“One day……..”

We all have our “one days…”. Linda’s was to walk the Appalachian trail. Nige wanted to walk around the Welsh coast.

My one day, since I was a kid and went to Cornwall for the first time was to walk the north Cornish coast. After living in Lynmouth back in the 90’s I tagged the Devon coast onto the end of that walk.

Most people, like Linda and Nige, don’t get a chance to make that one day a reality. In a way I’m lucky, I got laid off and my landlords were complete arseholes, which was an encouragement to change my surroundings.

Life is short and we never know when our time is up, take a chance and do something you have always wanted to, you may not get another opportunity.

Plymouth to Pembroke in numbers:

835.8 miles.
65 days.
Or just over 13 miles a day.
An average of about 1mph during the hours of day light.…
89655 feet up, or 17 miles, or just over three times the height of Everest.
43 portions of fish and chips, because they taste better by the sea.
3 nights in hotels, 4 nights sofa surfing, 5 nights sleeping in the car and the rest were in the tent.