Days 10-11 – Padstow to Boscastle

A really lovely stretch of the coast, high cliffs and tiny beaches. Tintagel was like Glastonbury on sea, full of crystal shops and swords. Your browser does not support iframes. View this route at Map Pedometer

Day 9 – Newquay to Padstow

I certainly never intended to walk this far in one day, but the weather was superb, cool and breezy and the path was easy and flat(ish). The beaches along the way were stunning and surfers and kiters were out in force. I always said that fish and chips taste better by the sea and if […]

Days 5-8 – St Ives to Newquay

Following the acorns. A bit of a mixed path this one, the cliff tops are a delight, a nice breeze and almost flat paths. However a few miles have been across the sand dunes, a long, hard, tiring slog. I even took a short cut, the Fern Pit Ferry from one side of the river […]

Days 1 to 4, Penzance to St Ives.

This has been far harder than I thought it would be, my training walks on the Mlaverns didn’t prepare me for this type of walking. Its rocky, steep, slippy paths up and down cliffs. It is also stunningly beautiful every single step of the way. I’ve spent more time just looking at the view than […]