Days 5-8 – St Ives to Newquay

Following the acorns. A bit of a mixed path this one, the cliff tops are a delight, a nice breeze and almost flat paths. However a few miles have been across the sand dunes, a long, hard, tiring slog. I even took a short cut, the Fern Pit Ferry from one side of the river to the other at Newquay, for the princely sum of £1.20. These last few days were hard work, its really hot and water on route is limited, I even had to use the emergency filter and drink stream water, but it hasn’t seemed to have any bad effects as yet. After the solitude of the coastal path coming into town was a real jolt to the senses, its loud noisy and brash, but that has always been a part of the appeal of Newquay.

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